Metal parts, metal boxes and heat sinks

We are able to manufacture metal parts, metal boxes and heat sinks according to customers drawings, files and individual specifications.


Metal boxes and casings

Metal racks

Heat sinks

Metal parts

EMC Shields

We can use the following processes :

Stamping, bending (with tooling or CNC)

Casting and metal injection

Mechanical machining and laser cutting

Deep drawing

Metal sheets casing


Surface finishing and heat treatment

Painting and anodization

Assembly of parts


Cable assembly and connectors

We are able to provide assemblage of cables, connectors and subsystems according to drawings and customer specifications.  
Cable Assembly

Standard cables ( RJ45, RJ11, USB, HDMI )   

Special cables    (multi-wire,twisted,shielded,mixed connectors)

Cables for power supply (CE, UK, US)

Flat cables

Wire harnesses

Optic fiber cables                            

Connector Manfacturing

Standard connectors (multi-contacts, coaxial, cylindrical)

Special connectors according to drawings and specifications

Assembled connectors

Connector blocks

Sub-systems / pre-equipped cable assemblage

AP/RT Antenna

Wifi Antenna, relay antenna


Power supplies and chargers

We are able to provide many different types of products in the power electronic field such as power supplies and chargers.

Power supplies and chargers

Power supplies AC-AC, AC-DC, DC-DC

Open frame power supplies

Custom built power supplies

Chargers - Wall plug models, Desktop models,Car adaptors


Lithium Ion batteries

Lithium Ion Polymer batteries

Cylindrical Ni-MH batteries

Button batteries


Membrane switch keyboards and membrane silicon keypads

We are able to manufacture all types of keyboards and keypads for the electronic industry.

Rubber Keypads

Silicone rubber

Inserts, printing, laser marking, over-molding

Transparent pieces

Membrane switch keyboards and front panel

Polyester raw material sheet with silver paste tracks and carbon contact

Front panels incorporating screen printing technology

Assembly of components- polydomes, SMD, LED mounting etc

Electroluminescent ink, touch panels, quadri-colored front panels, large keyboards 


LCD and LED displays and modules 

We can also provide a wide range of touch panels in various sizes- LCD or LED displays alone or mounted in complete modules.


LCD Displays

LCD in various sizes

B/W or multi-coloured

Very fine tracks, large vision, low consuption, black light technology in positive or negative state

A multitude of technologies are available - TN, STN, FSTN, DSM, TFT, CSTN, HTN, DFSTN and DSTN

Also available - COG (Chip on Glass), COF (Card on Foil), TAB (chip on Tape Automatic Bonding)

LCD Modules

On PCB with COB assembly

With pre-wiring according to specifications


All types of LED lamps - standard, bi-color, superflux, SMD

LED assembly

LED displays

LED matrix

LED modules- large LED screens created by modules assembled together



Wire resistive touch panels

Digital touch panels

Surface acoustic wave touch panels



Plastic parts

The manufacture of all kinds of plastic parts with the support of a large network of factories qualified in this particular field.

Available types

Thin wall parts

High mechanical precision parts 

Over-molding parts

Inserts with metal or other raw materials

Bi-color materials

Transparent parts

Fiber reinforced parts

Special raw materials


Process of Decoration

Screen print technology

Laser marking


IMD ( In Mold Decoration )